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6 Superfoods to Eat For Glowing Skin

Green Spinach Smoothie
Want to know the secret to glowing healthy skin? Well, it’s not from an expensive bottle. In fact eating a healthy whole foods diet, will be far more beneficial to your skin than any lotion or cream. Many girls talk about the improvement they see on their skin when on my F.I.T. programs, because of moving over to whole foods diet. Whilst skin creams do help, our skin is greatly affected by what we put in our mouths. Processed foods that contain sugar and refined carbs produce inflammation in the body and oxidative stress. If your diet is made up mainly of these foods then don’t be surprised if you start to see more fine lines, blemishes, dull skin and wrinkles. Deep fried foods also cause an oil build up in the body, which can lead to excessive oily skin and breakouts. There are so many great foods that will do amazing things for your skin. So if you are after a natural glow here are 5 superfoods you need to start eating today. Best thing, all of them are easy to find at any supermarket and won't break your bank.

1. Chia seeds

Chia seeds are a very popular super food at the moment and with all their health benefits it’s easy to see why. Chia seeds are a great source to get your essential Omega 3 fats, fibre and protein from. They suppress the appetite and boost your metabolism by turning on glucagon, one of your body’s fat burning hormones. Anything that contains your omega 3 fats like fish, walnuts and flaxseed are super nourishing to your skin.

2. Dark leafy greens

Foods like spinach and kale contain phytonutrients, which are powerhouses at fighting off free radical damage to the skin, reducing fine lines, wrinkles and even enlarged pores. They also contain essential things like chlorophyll, which helps the body eliminate toxins, protecting your vital organs and slowing the ageing process down. You seriously can’t eat enough dark leafy greens as they are super low in calories too. Fill your plate up with as much as you can for your salads or even include as a side dish. Sometimes I’ll eat a big bowl with a squeeze of fresh lemon before dinner to help fill me up and give my body a good dose of nutrients. Also don’t be scared to add them to your smoothies for a perfect skin green drink.

3. Green tea

Ever wondered why Japanese women don’t age? Well among other things they drink a lot of green tea. The eastern part of the world has used green tea for centuries because of its amazing health benefits. This nutrient dense tea contains high levels of oligomeric proanthocyanidins, which is one of the most powerful anti-oxidants out there to help the body fight against free radical damage, ultimately slowing down the ageing process of your body and skin. It's a great alternative to your morning coffee.

4. Avocados

I’ve talked about how beneficial avocados are for detoxing the body and melting fat, but this amazing fruit is also great for the skin. They are called nature's skin moisturiser due to the healthy fats and potent nutrients in them. Avocados also contain vitamins C, E, magnesium, folic acid and potassium which are all essential for keeping the skin fresh, clear and moisturized.

5. Melons

Melons like watermelon and rockmelon are great for detoxing the body and clearing up your skin. The also contain carotenoids which helps Vitamin A to be formed, protecting the skin against oxidative stress.

6. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are great for your skin. They are one of the best sources of the anti-ageing antioxidant lycopene, which will help protect your skin against sun damage. As well the acidic properties in tomatoes help to keep the skin clear of blemishes. The best way for the body to absorb lycopene is when the tomatoes have been cooked. I love slow roasting tomatoes in the oven and then adding as a side with eggs, or to a salad.

So if you want glowing skin, stop looking for solutions in a bottle and start nourishing your body from the inside out, with all these amazing foods.

"6 Superfoods to Eat For Glowing Skin" was written by Emily Skye

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